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May 3, 2018, 5:05 PM

Senior Pastor Report for March 2017-April 2018

                                Pastor Report                                              This has been an exciting year with marked improvement and growth in many areas of our church and its function. I believe there has been obvious spiritual growth and Biblical knowledge in many of our constituent’s lives as well as elevated leadership potential as an ongoing growth pattern.

God has and is doing great and marvelous things in the lives of many individuals. I believe our times of worship, learning and fellowship have risen to a higher Biblical norm and breakthrough is happening in personal lives and in families.

Our parents as well as our church teachers and leaders are recognizing and grasping the fact that we have only a short time to equip and train our children in the truths of God’s Word and practical Christian living.  We continue to strive to grasp each opportunity to plant and cultivate God’s Word for in each child to produce change, stability, power and Christian ministry in and through our children.

Pastor Dewey Taylor has led us in dynamic worship and the depth he has modeled and brought to us by entering into worship and fellowship with God has been a vital part of every morning service. I deeply appreciate the worship and music team as well as the small choir Melanie Brizendine leads.

Pastor Scott and Amy Cooper has been diligent to assist me in bringing another layer of growth in Christian disciplines and learning though the many courses they have taught in Sunday School. I believe these classes have brought learning to a greater height in those who have participated in learning.

Youth workers, Pastor Dewey and Amy Taylor and Amy Cooper have continually brought “in your face” Biblical and practical learning with Spirit filled meetings to our youth. They emphasize the need for personal relationship with Christ and the relevance of Biblical application in their decisions and actions.  Melanie Brizendine has trained and expertly led her qualified and devoted team in a variety of venues. They have brought the up and coming Super Church children greater spiritual growth through the powerful Bible lessons that bring spiritual and practical reasoning to each child. They have crafted fulfilled activities that emphasize relational cooperation and activities.

I cannot express how much gratitude I feel to God and these devoted workers who consistently model the pattern of “fishing for children” on a weekly basis.

Our church ministries are rising to more excellence. The Ushers and Greeters Ministry team are on task every service with devoted workers who make sacrifices that most would not notice because of their consistency and well maintained order.

Among the others ministries are the Men’s Ministry, Food Pantry and Benevolence Ministry, Christian Education, Hope Center and many other venues that will follow as we have leaders who rise with vision to go in a variety of ministry avenues. Among these is the ministry of videoing and reproduction of sound and picture from Brenda and Michael Goens. Only God foresees the many hearts and homes this great ministry will flow into. I am greatly excited about a more far-reaching arm so that the message of Christ that includes the knowledge and wisdom that will break of heavy restraints and heartbreaking bondages through the proclamation of truth that comes with the power of the Holy Spirit. May God make it so and clean our land of the blatant dysfunction in the thinking and lifestyle of precious souls and their families. We do not yet know all the ministries God has in his heart however we are seeking God’s heart to do inform and empower us to do his will by raising up leaders who will passionately and powerfully take the Gospel in both spiritual and practical ways to this and the future generations.

Our church board has served in their many functions and each are facilitated by a variety of ministerial gifting’s within each individual. Their individual perspectives are valuable and the responsibilities and workload they carry serves to lift the entire function of our church body. Our fellowship has and is always sweet and each one has made themselves available to serve as my and your helpers. Their prayers, visits, wisdom and knowledge, financial support along with spiritual and practical undergirding have helped sustain the ministry of each of us together.

We are already moving forward to secure our property and services so that our constituents will be safe and free from unnecessary fear of violence and evil that seems rampant in our land. We will continue to have professional training for our Security Team who will learn and be trained in the practical, spiritual and the legal ramifications and actions that may need to be taken in emergencies such as is reported on in the news. May the God of all grace enable us to be filled with his knowledge, supernatural power, strength and wisdom to do the necessary job that each and every situation requires.

Every worker and ministry is a vital part of our operations in the work of Christ. No one would be so foolish to think even the property manager and janitor’s work is invaluable even though there may be few that notice the weekly labor that is gone into making and maintaining our property’s repairs, beauty, order and cleanliness.  Thank you Willis, George D., Mack, Randy, Dale, Leonard, George B., Patrick and others who have paid for materials and donated most of your labor for maintenance and beautifying our  property.

Only God could have known the value of having such a lady of character serving along beside me in the office work. Sandy Jones has and continues to be one of my strongest allies’ and “doers”.  She is a perfect fit for this office of integrity and character. She is patient, kind, thorough, detailed, focused, loyal and available. She is a good manager, listener, learner, communicator and works well with everybody while sticking to her own limits and responsibility. I am thankful for the trusted relationship we enjoy both in work responsibilities and personal friendship.

My husband Willis and my family continue to give huge support in my overall well-being and ministry duties.  I am grateful that I have been gifted and surrounded with a good support system so that I do not bear the load alone.

For all of you who serve in the variety of capacities, I want to thank you. Thank you all for the prayer support, work support, financial support and your witness, work contributions as you faithfully serve God and his causes in timeslot of eternity. God bless you all and increase you with all knowledge, wisdom and presence of God and his power as you continue to go forward with greater expectations, greater power and greater demonstration of God’s Spirit.

My intention for the coming year is to do even more of the work though the gifted and called leaders of this church so that I can even more fully give myself to the work which God has called pastors to attend to first and foremost;  doing the work of abiding in his presence through prayer, fasting and Bible study. God has given me a strong call to write and prepare spiritual helps for others and I feel a strong drawing to focus more in the area of His personal presence so that I can better fulfill the mandate upon me… "Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood ( Acts 20:28 ).” Also, I have and continue in focus on my goal to say as the Apostle Paul said in his end. “Therefore I testify to you this day, that I am innocent of the blood of all men.  "For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God (Acts 20:26-27).”

Pastor Loraine Taylor


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