Ladies of Grace

Coordinator: Jodi Worrell

Women of Purpose

Reaching Women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ

  • Discipling Women to follow Christ’s example of true servanthood.
  • Building wholeness and balance through consistent study of God’s Word.
  • Building lasting relationships through fellowship outside the church in the homes of our women.
  • Considering the call to service.
  • Connecting generations to impact eternity


The Ladies of Grace meets monthly from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at the homes of our ladies. You may contact Darlene via email for further information. 

We hope to strengthen and cultivate relationships among women of all ages. We support our community by providing assistance in various ways, to our schools, police, fire and rescue personnel, as well as people in need or enduring hardship.We realize the importance of fostering meaningful relationships within our church and our community and to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Ladies Meeting in July

Making handout bags (toiletries, snacks and practical helps)  for the homeless




Illuminate Women's Retreat 2016


  July 2021  
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